Now we have eggs. Twiggy and Swizzle are both laying eggs now. They look a bit like little grenades. I accidently trod on one that had fallen on the floor and it made a terrible popping sound. Sorry, girls.

Well shed, Twiggy Stick!

Here is our Twiggy Stick in a fresh new suit of clothes. She had them on underneath and burst out of her old set when she moulted.

Twiggy shed her skin (or her exoskeleton) so that she could grow bigger. She also about twice as spiny now. You can’t see the old moult in the picture because she has eaten it.

Twiggy is a spiny leaf insect and she shares her enclosure with her clone sisters, Pooh Stick and Swizzle Stick. Pooh, of course, is a named after the game pooh sticks invented by Winnie the Pooh.

Swizzle, despite her name, is not actually any good at stirring drinks.

N is for nudibranch

Nudibranchs colourful sea slugs that are found in oceans around the world. They are nice to look at but nasty to eat.

Nudibranch No-no’s

Never nibble nudibranchs!
Don’t bite or lick or chew.
Don’t gnaw upon their frilly bits.
Don’t put them in a stew.

Just leave them in the sea to glide
and watch them gently flutter.
Don’t spread them on your breakfast toast
with marmalade and butter.

Some nudibranchs are poisonous because they store toxins in their body. Others have stinging cells. They don’t make the stings themselves, though, they collect them from the food that they eat.

So, really, nudibranchs are not a good choice for breakfast. That is why it is easy to find pretty pictures of them online … but not recipes.